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Family edition of wits and wagers the trivia game where you don't need to know trivia party game for younger ages

Wits & Wagers: Family


It's a little bit trivia and a lot of guessing fun. One player reads a question out loud, and everyone writes down their numerical answer, but don't worry! Correct answers aren't necessary to win, and ridiculous guesses make it even more fun. Earn points for placing tiles on the guess that is closest to the answer without going over.


The player with the most points at the end of the game wins! There are tons of questions that are fun and family friendly so you can play again and again

  • Product Details

    Players: 3-10

    Gameplay: 20 mins

    Ages: 8+

    Game Designer: Dominic Crapuchettes

    Type/Mechanics: Party, Family, Educational, Trivia (What does this mean?)


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