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Sloe Gin Kit


Make your own sloe gin without having to forage! This kit includes everything needed to transform basic gin into your own craft sloe gin in just two weeks. Great for sipping on by itself or mixing with fizzy water for a delicious sloe gin fizz! Makes for a great gift for any gin aficionados or anyone looking to add a unique bottle to their spirits collection. 

  • Product Details

    Traditionally, after the first frost of the year, the race is on to forage for sloe berries. When fermented, these small, purple plum-looking berries make for a slightly sweet, yet tart, plummy tasting gin that can be sipped on by itself or added to carbonated water for a delightful sloe gin fizz. 


    This kit will make two 750ml bottles of homemade sloe gin. It also includes four varieties of botanicals so you can create your own unique sloe gin. 



    • One Italian glass bottle
    • Dehydrated sloe berries
    • Pipettes
    • Filter papers
    • Funnel
    • Label
    • 4 botanical varieties 
    • Instructions


    Required (not included): 750ml of a gin of your choice (our advice is to use a high quality gin and to not use a gin that is overly floral so it does not compete with the sloe flavor). This can also be made using vodka if preferred.

  • Tips and Tricks

    • Prefer a slightly less sweet sloe gin? Adjust the amount of sugar to your preference.


    • The drained sloes can even be reused afterwards to pep up any average red wine.


    • More of a vodka person? Substitute the gin with your favorite vodka 



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