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Front view of set of recipe deck of cards for sparkling cocktail drinks

The Cocktail Deck of Cards: 50 Sparkling Cocktail Recipes


What's better than cracking out the bubbles for a special occasion or just a midday spritz in the garden? Just pull a card when you're stuck over whether you want a ruby negroni, an atomic, or a Chambord royale. With beautiful, watercolor illustrations and drinks for every palate, this deck will make your day positively effervescent.

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    Whether it's Cynar, Campari, or Luxardo Bitter, there's a world of liqueurs and nuances between prosecco, cava and champagne that create different textures. This deck of cards plays with all of them, making entertaining easy.


    Includes: A deck of 50 cocktail recipes with watercolor illustrations

    Illustrated by: Sarah Hankinson

    Author: Elouise Anders


    About the Author: Elouise Anders is a mixologist-turned-culture-writer based in Melbourne. She consults the city's finest bars and restaurants on how to best curate drinks lists.