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Small Counted cross stitch kit with minnie mouse for kids or learning how to cross stitch

Mini Minnie Mouse Cross Stitch Kit - 3" Round


Delight in the charm of Disney with this compact cross stitch kit, showcasing the beloved Minnie Mouse. Create a tiny yet timeless piece of art that captures the iconic essence of this cherished character. Comes with everything you'll need!

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  • Product Details

    Great for beginners and those totally new to cross stitching.


    Finished size: 3x3"



    • Aida fabric 
    • Hoop
    • Cotton thread
    • Needle
    • Easy-to-follow instructions



    *For help and additional resources, check out the "Getting Started" and "Tips and Tricks" tabs



    *Sharing completion or in-progress photos on instagram? Make sure to tag #AHCrossstitch (yes, that's three s's!) for a chance to be featured on our Instagram or The Hive Community Page!*

  • Getting Started

    New to cross stitching? Have no fear! We are here to help. Here are a couple useful tips to get you started. 


    Activity Hive's Guides:

    Cross Stitching Guide

    Video Cross Stitching Guide

  • Tips and Tricks

    Hot Tips:

    • Use a marker or pen to mark of the squares on the pattern as you go. It will make counting and keeping track of your stitches MUCH easier. 

    • In general, it’s best to start with lighter colors because when you’re filling in colors next to each other, you can pull through small amounts of the adjacent color. It’s more noticeable when you're stitching a light color next to an existing dark color.

    • When you’re filling in an odd shape, figure out a plan of action. Thinking about a route will help you from ending up in an inconvenient place. But also, you do you, and if you live that chaotic life - do it up. 

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