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Winter Escape Cross Stitch Kit

Winter Escape Cross Stitch Kit


Get lost in the serenity of this beautiful winter wonderland scene. Includes everything you'll need to get started! 

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  • Product Details


    • Printed set of patterns of the cross stitch design (see below for further details)
    • Color Key sheet with thread count
    • All thread colors required for the design
    • Round embroidery hoop (plastic with wood pattern)
    • Set of 3 blunt point cross stitch needles 
    • Needle Threader
    • 16 count aida cloth in white


    Printed Pattern Details: (examples of printed patterns can be seen in the product images - you will receive the pattern you purchased)

    1. Pattern with color blocks
    2. Pattern with color symbols
    3. Pattern with color blocks and symbols
    4. Pattern with black and white symbols (best for use with color blindness)
    5. Pattern with color crosses


    *For help and additional resources, check out the "Getting Started" and "Tips and Tricks" tabs


    Note: Patterns are licensed for personal use only, not for commercial use. The pattern may not be shared, copied, resold, or relicensed

  • Getting Started

    New to cross stitching? Have no fear! We are here to help. Here are a couple useful tips to get you started. 



    Activity Hive's Guides:

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    Video Cross Stitching Guide



    1. Get your fabric ready

    • Find the center of your aida by Folding it into quarters but folding the piece once, and then folding again

    • Pinch the inside corner and slide the needle though the tip to mark the center

    • Unfold the aida 

    • Use your needle to center the aida in your hoop, and secure the fabric in the hoop.


    2. Pick your first color!

    Generally, it is easiest to start your cross stitch from the center and move outwards. This is because there is no pattern printed on your fabric and you will need to rely on counting your stitches as you work.


    3. Cut a length of floss

    • To avoid tangling and knotting, stick to cutting floss that is no longer than two fore-arm lengths (from finger tips to elbow, and then back again to your finger tips)


    4. Separate the floss

    • After cutting the floss, separate out a single strand


    5. Thread the needle 

    • Double over the strand of floss so one end has a loop and the other is the two ends 

    • If the floss has fuzzy edges, give them a quick snip with a pair of sharp scissors

    • Thread the two ends into the needle and pull it through until you have approximately 3-5 inches pulled through


  • Tips and Tricks

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