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How to Draw Modern Florals

How to Draw Modern Florals


An elegantly minimalistic how-to guide to drawing flowers, cacti, succulents, floral arrangements and more—now in a mini size that's perfect for drawing on the go!


You’ll feel as though you’re sitting down with author Alli Koch at a coffee shop as she walks you through the process of drawing and designing classic favorites like the rose to today’s trendiest florals, as well as succulents and cacti.

How to Draw Modern Florals is an introduction to drawing, so no experience is needed! If you can draw an S or a C with a pen, then Alli can teach you how to draw a beautiful, modern floral design!

  • Product Details

    Turn simple doodles into beautifully designed floral illustrations with How To Draw Modern Florals, a step-by-step guide that teaches everything you need to know about drawing modern florals, including:
    • Tools of the trade
    • The anatomy of a flower
    • The basic shapes for drawing a flower
    • Where to find inspiration


    Book Dimensions: 6.39 "W x 5.99 "H x 0.49 "D

    Page Count: 120